Friday, December 27, 2013

Big Bird’s Playhouse offers the ideal pre-school education

The key to the ideal pre-schooling and early education is to make learning fun, so that children can learn even while they play. This is the ideology on which Big Bird Playhouse works. Located in Staten Island, it is a popular pre-nursery school trusted by hundreds of parents. 

Children here are taught via interesting crafts and music activities and various other interesting techniques like; story-telling and block building. Children here learn to socialize with others of their age group. During summer camping, the school conducts visits to sporting events, parks and museums.

Big Bird’s Play House is also, a safe and well protected school. It has cameras installed to closely monitor every corner of the school.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Big Bird Playhouse has supportive and qualified staff

No other play school is as good as Big Bird Playhouse. This school has a team of experienced and talented staff that gives equal attention to all children and makes them learn new things with exciting activities and games. The teachers have passion for developing abilities of the children so that they can perform well in future. To know more visit here