Sunday, September 20, 2015

How myths about preschool can affect your decision?

Myths can deter you from a right decision of choosing a good preschool for your child. Here are some of the common myths about these educational facilities that can affect your decision –
Preschool is not necessary – It is a common misconception among parents that affect their decision of sending their child to preschools. Early education is a necessary aspect that builds a strong base for your kid’s future. It introduces students to early education that helps in further learning.
It does not include learning activities in its curriculum – It is a common myth among people that preschools just include games in their curriculum. On the other hand, these educational facilities include various types of learning activities in their curriculum such as art & craft lessons, story time and more.
It has no involvement in kid’s overall development – This misconception stops many parents from enrolling their child in a preschool. On the contrary, it helps essentially in a child’s overall development including physical, mental and social.
Big Bird Playhouse is a noted preschool in Staten Island. This playhouse is well-known in region for quality child care, learning environment and good early education. This playhouse offers day care, summer camp, universal pre-k, traveling camp, before & after school programs etc. Playhouse has highly trained & certified teachers for providing early education to students.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Why physical activities are an integral part of preschool curriculum?

Preschool is a crucial phase of the early childhood because it allows children to develop a set of skills that helps them build a strong foundation for the future.

Therefore, selection of the preschool should be made after a well-defined research only, as it vital for the parents to ensure that the curriculum includes all necessary activities. Any decision taken in a hurry can cost you a lot in the future.

Big Bird Playhouse is one of the renowned and reliable preschools in the Staten Island. The curriculum of the school includes a wide range of activities that help kids develop educational, social, and physical skills. The qualified staff of the school monitors all these activities to ensure safety and happiness of the children. The staff of the school also pays special attention to physical activities because of their numerous benefits.

Following are the reasons why every preschool must have physical activities in their curriculum-

  • Physical activities help kids understand the importance of functioning as a group.
  • These activities give them access to fresh air that allows them ensure physical fitness.
  • Physical activities help children develop great physical stamina.
  • With the help of these activities, they can also develop new friendships.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Aspects that make a preschool safe for children

Safety is the biggest concern of parents when it comes to their children. Even in the preschool, parents make sure that their kids are safe and secure.
Educational institutes like Big Bird Playhouse are known for their safe and secure environment. Big Bird Playhouse is a recognized preschool in Staten Island that has comprehensive policies for students’ safety, health, and early education. This preschool offers universal pre-k, day care, before & after school programs, traveling camp, summer camp etc. This playhouse has trained and qualified teachers who are passionate about their work.

However, following are the aspects that make a preschool safe for students –
Safe setting and environment – It is essential for a preschool to provide secure environment to children, where they feel at ease. If you are planning to enroll your child in playhouse, then make sure to choose an educational facility with safe setting and secured environment. Check things like if their furniture is comfortable and secure or what are the security policies etc.
Supervision of teachers – This is another aspect that makes a preschool safe for kids. Make sure to choose a playhouse where students are in the constant supervision of teachers.
Food safety – It is another vital aspect that is important for children’s safety. Make sure to choose a preschool that has inclusive food policy and serve nutritious food that is prepared with fresh ingredients.   Follow Big Bird Playhouse on facebook

Sunday, July 19, 2015

What kind of activities should be a part of Preschool curriculum?

Selection of the preschool is a crucial task, as you just cannot afford to go with any available option. Yes, preschool is an important phase of life, as it helps children build an ideal foundation for the bright future. Thus, selecting a reputable facility that has qualified staff and versatile curriculum is an essential.
Big Bird Playhouse is a renowned preschool that has been serving parents since 1991. The school has an ideal curriculum full of different activities that help children develop new skills every day. Qualified staff of the school always makes sure that every child benefits from the curriculum.
If you want to select a reliable preschool like Big Bird, make sure that the curriculum of the school includes following activities-
  • Activities that help children develop pre-literacy skills are the most important, which is why you need to ensure that the school offers a variety of educational activities.
  • Different group activities that help children develop social skills and necessity of acting as a group are vital. These activities also help them develop strong friendships with their peers.
  • Outdoor play activities are crucial to ensure physical fitness and development. Thus, it is necessary that the curriculum include extensive outdoor activities.
These are the key activities that must be in a preschool curriculum. Follow Big Bird Playhouse in facebook

Thursday, June 25, 2015

What Should be the Safety Policy of a Preschool?

Children’s safety is an essential topic on which every parent ponders. This is why it is important for a preschool to create a safety policy that can ease the worries of parents. Respected preschools like Big Bird Playhouse develop an inclusive policy to ensure students’ safety.

Following are the aspects that should be added in a preschool’s safety policy –

Assessment of risks throughout daily routine – It is responsibility of a playhouse to assess the risks for children throughout their daily routine. It includes the time kids spend while partaking in activities, playing and more. It is necessary to make sure that environment, rooms, playing areas etc., are safe for children.

Teachers’ responsibilities – It is a teacher’s responsibility to keep a close eye on students and ensure that they are safe. They make sure that kids are away from any kind of danger.

In case of injuries – Even if a child gets injured, it is preschool’s responsibility to inform parents. Usually, teachers at playhouses are trained in CPR, and first aid, which ensures immediate medical help to students in case of injuries.

In Staten Island, Big Bird Playhouse is a noted preschool that has a solid reputation for quality education and childcare. This preschool has developed its programs to comply with kids’ overall development and early education. School also provides nutritious meals and snacks to children to maintain their health. This playhouse has fun and educational environment, where students feel comfortable in learning and asking questions.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Do you know why many children feel Anxious about attending Preschool?

Most parents want their children to attend preschool and build an ideal base for their future. However, many children may refuse to attend the preschool, because they feel anxious and unsecure about it. In such situations, it becomes essential for parents to find the root causes and fix them.

Big Bird’s Playhouse is one of the most respectable preschools in Staten Island. The school’s certified staff pays special attention to those children that feel nervous and anxious. They never hesitate to go the extra mile in ensuring that children feel happy, safe, and relaxed.

The following are the main reasons that make children anxious about going to a preschool-

  • Kids usually have no understanding about the atmosphere, activities, and warm staff of the preschool, which makes them anxious. Thus, it is the responsibility of the parents to explain to their children all about the preschool.
  • Another reason as to why children do not feel good about going to preschool is that they do not want to be away from their parents. In such situations, parents need to make them feel relaxed and explain to them that in just a few hours they will be together again.
  • Many children are worried about preschool because they feel that home is the only secure place. Well, it is obvious for children to feel that way, but again parents need to make them understand that preschool is equally secure where they can play, have fun, learn and make many friends as well.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Why Story Time is an important Activity in Early Childhood?

Preschools give children the opportunity to learn and know things that they dint know as babies. These preschoolers participate in a wide range of activities that are associated with the development of their social, physical and intellectual skills.
BigBird’s Playhouse is a leading preschool in Staten Island. The school has a variety of learning activities in its curriculum, specifically designed for children of different age groups. Some of these learning activities are; music, arts and craft, story time, dancing, outdoor play, reading, etc.
  • Story time is an important activity of early childhood, as it encourages social interaction between children and teachers, therefore building a stronger relationship.
  • It’s an activity that helps children to enhance their listening and attending skills. It also helps preschoolers to learn early literacy skills.
  • With the help of pictures and words along with auditory, story time helps preschoolers in language learning. It’s a fun activity that also helps them to hear and learn new words.
There are many activities that help children learn and develop new skills in different ways. Hence, parents must send their children to playschool in order to ensure needed early childhood growth.