Monday, March 30, 2015

Why Story Time is an important Activity in Early Childhood?

Preschools give children the opportunity to learn and know things that they dint know as babies. These preschoolers participate in a wide range of activities that are associated with the development of their social, physical and intellectual skills.
BigBird’s Playhouse is a leading preschool in Staten Island. The school has a variety of learning activities in its curriculum, specifically designed for children of different age groups. Some of these learning activities are; music, arts and craft, story time, dancing, outdoor play, reading, etc.
  • Story time is an important activity of early childhood, as it encourages social interaction between children and teachers, therefore building a stronger relationship.
  • It’s an activity that helps children to enhance their listening and attending skills. It also helps preschoolers to learn early literacy skills.
  • With the help of pictures and words along with auditory, story time helps preschoolers in language learning. It’s a fun activity that also helps them to hear and learn new words.
There are many activities that help children learn and develop new skills in different ways. Hence, parents must send their children to playschool in order to ensure needed early childhood growth.