Thursday, June 25, 2015

What Should be the Safety Policy of a Preschool?

Children’s safety is an essential topic on which every parent ponders. This is why it is important for a preschool to create a safety policy that can ease the worries of parents. Respected preschools like Big Bird Playhouse develop an inclusive policy to ensure students’ safety.

Following are the aspects that should be added in a preschool’s safety policy –

Assessment of risks throughout daily routine – It is responsibility of a playhouse to assess the risks for children throughout their daily routine. It includes the time kids spend while partaking in activities, playing and more. It is necessary to make sure that environment, rooms, playing areas etc., are safe for children.

Teachers’ responsibilities – It is a teacher’s responsibility to keep a close eye on students and ensure that they are safe. They make sure that kids are away from any kind of danger.

In case of injuries – Even if a child gets injured, it is preschool’s responsibility to inform parents. Usually, teachers at playhouses are trained in CPR, and first aid, which ensures immediate medical help to students in case of injuries.

In Staten Island, Big Bird Playhouse is a noted preschool that has a solid reputation for quality education and childcare. This preschool has developed its programs to comply with kids’ overall development and early education. School also provides nutritious meals and snacks to children to maintain their health. This playhouse has fun and educational environment, where students feel comfortable in learning and asking questions.

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