Sunday, September 20, 2015

How myths about preschool can affect your decision?

Myths can deter you from a right decision of choosing a good preschool for your child. Here are some of the common myths about these educational facilities that can affect your decision –
Preschool is not necessary – It is a common misconception among parents that affect their decision of sending their child to preschools. Early education is a necessary aspect that builds a strong base for your kid’s future. It introduces students to early education that helps in further learning.
It does not include learning activities in its curriculum – It is a common myth among people that preschools just include games in their curriculum. On the other hand, these educational facilities include various types of learning activities in their curriculum such as art & craft lessons, story time and more.
It has no involvement in kid’s overall development – This misconception stops many parents from enrolling their child in a preschool. On the contrary, it helps essentially in a child’s overall development including physical, mental and social.
Big Bird Playhouse is a noted preschool in Staten Island. This playhouse is well-known in region for quality child care, learning environment and good early education. This playhouse offers day care, summer camp, universal pre-k, traveling camp, before & after school programs etc. Playhouse has highly trained & certified teachers for providing early education to students.

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